Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?  Where does the evidence lead?  (Short op-ed) Chinese

Who’s Got the Body?  A short, documented examination of evidences for Jesus’ resurrection.  Spanish Portuguese  French

An Easter Bunny – and an Easter Story – Worth Remembering.  A child’s humorous encounter with a department store Easter bunny carries some lessons on hope of inner renewal through the first Easter. (Short op-ed)

Mark Burnett’s ‘Resurrection‘ movie: compelling drama; inspiring story.  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey – Hollywood’s Bible Power Couple – are back with a flourish.  Their dramatic film about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, debuting March 27 on Discovery+, captures the personal angst and adventure of those tumultuous days.  (Short op-ed)

Risen movie: Resurrection hoax?  Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead, or was his “resurrection” an elaborate hoax?  A Roman tribune searches for Jesus’ missing corpse.  This novel, detective-story approach to centuries-old questions uses dramatic historical fiction to let viewers consider the evidence – and its implications – for themselves.  (Short op-ed)

Mark Burnett’s Son of God movie: Action Epic.  The Survivor producer and his wife, actress Roma Downey, wanted to communicate “the story of Jesus for a whole new generation.”  Their new film presents adventure, drama and passion; a Jesus that is tough and tender; and enough gripping stories to allow skeptics, searchers, and the faith-filled alike to consider whether he really was the Son of God.  (Short op-ed by Rusty Wright)

Son of God movie: Jesus for the third millennium.  By Meg Korpi.  Politics and religion; an enigmatic attraction. Television producer Mark Burnett and actress/producer Roma Downey have created an accurate and accessible portrait of Jesus of Nazareth for the big screen. See how this intriguing story continues today.  (Review/Analysis)

A.D. TV series: The Bible continues … in prime time.  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey – Hollywood’s Bible Power Couple – are back with a flourish, this time on prime-time network television.  Their dramatic series about Jesus’ first followers, premiering Easter Sunday evening on NBC, captures the personal angst and adventure of those tumultuous early years.  (Short op-ed)

The Case for Christ movie: An atheist wrestles with the evidence.  If you’re a committed atheist and your spouse becomes a follower of Jesus, it might just rock your world.  That’s what happened to hardnosed Chicago Tribune legal affairs editor Lee Strobel, who marshalled his skills in journalism and law to find out what had happened to his wife.  (Short op-ed)

Paul, Apostle of Christ movie: From vengeance to loveOK, Batman.  Riddle me this:  Who attacked his opponents with a vengeance, then switched sides, lost his head, but came out a winner?  Nick Saban?  Babe Ruth?  Ronald Reagan?  Donald Trump?  Good guesses, but… nope.  Easter is a good time to remember this guy.  (Short op-ed)

History Channel’s Jesus TV series: Who was he, really?  He’s one of history’s most controversial personalities.  Was he a good man spreading love and peace?  A rabble-rouser stirring rebellion?  A charlatan deceiving the masses – then and now?  Something else?  History Channel’s series examines Jesus through the eyes of eight contemporary friends and enemies.  (Short op-ed)

Easter-themed Language-Learning Resource:

This resource was developed to help Chinese speakers learn English.  It’s posted on a bilingual Chinese website, but is useful for anyone desiring to learn English.  The selection has an English text article plus audio of the writer reading the same article slowly.  Users can read, listen, practice, and learn!

Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?  Where does the evidence lead?  (Language-learning version: four short transcripts plus mp3 audio.  Links to sections 1-4 are just below the “Do You Know” headline at the bottom of the English text.  Though the lettering in the short link descriptions is mostly Chinese, Roman numerals “I, II, III and IV” in the link descriptions denote the article section numbers.  Tech tip for this online series: Right click on the mp3 link found just above the article text to open and play that audio file in a separate browser tab or window.  Then return to the original tab or window to read the text as you listen.)