Communication – General

Who Said That?  “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”  “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  “Money is the root of all evil.”  “God helps those who help themselves.”  Who made these statements?  Learning who actually said them – and, in some cases, what they really said and meant – might surprise you.  (Short op-ed)

Courageous Movie Portrays a Different Kind of Courage. Courageous is a fast-paced police drama with heart-pounding action and a spine-tingling surprise in the first three minutes. Good-natured banter and comic mishaps had us laughing, but the movie quickly reveals an introspective side that portends a human drama that challenges norms and will get you thinking.  (Short op-ed by Meg Korpi and Rusty Wright)

Is Anyone Listening?  Ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall?  Conversation has been defined as “a vocal competition in which the one who is catching his breath is called the listener.”  A fun look at listening’s merits.  (Short op-ed)

You Don’t Say!  If you’re like me, you could use a good chuckle right now.  After all, times are messy.  Maybe this real-life humor will help cheer you up.  Reflections on using the right word at the right time.  (Short op-ed)

Hilarious High School Bloopers?  By Rusty Wright with Meg Korpi. “Worst analogies written by high school students” had me laughing till I ached.  Discovering their true source reminded me to practice what I preach.  (Short op-ed)

Valentine’s Day brings back that lovin’ feeling.  A fun and humorous look at love and relationships.  (Short op-ed)

Valentine, How Do I Love Thee?    More fun – and funny – stories about love and communication.  (Short op-ed)

Romantic Hyperbole.  “Who, me?  Stretch the truth in a relationship?  Nah. Never happens!”  A humorous look at honesty in love, for everyone who ever was tempted to fudge the truth just a little in romance.  (Short op-ed)

Understanding: A valuable commodity.  Humorous linguistic goofs and confusion illustrate the importance of working hard to understand each other.  (Short op-ed)

Confessions of a Cellphone-Challenged Journalist. They’re everywhere!  They’re everywhere!  In airplanes, airports, cars, restaurants, the grocery.  An amusing look at our cellphone society, with a personal twist.  (Short op-ed)

Are You Listening? Do You Hear What I Hear?  Have you ever missed a great opportunity because you weren’t listening carefully?  Twenty centuries ago some clues to impending good news of monumental import eluded most folks. Fascinating prophecies of Jesus’ birth and life bring revealing insights into your own life today. (Probe radio series transcript.)  Spanish

A Week Away’ movie:  Facing fears, feelings, fun, faith and friendships.  As a teen, did you struggle to find your place in a complicated world?  Could you ever be “good enough” or express your true feelings to one whose smile you desired?  Has a personal tragedy made you question divine existence or goodness or power?  Do those feelings still linger?  If so, A Week Away could help you sort them out.  (Short op-ed)