Lessons in managing public-speaking fearsFear of public speaking haunts countless people.  I’m one…a shy introvert whose career – oddly – has involved lecturing worldwide.  Presenting in a tense situation during my final Duke class taught me invaluable lessons.  That speech topic – racism and religion – evokes today’s headlines. (Duke Magazine article)

Surprised by Oxford movie: Remedying broken relationshipsEver feel awkward opening yourself emotionally in a relationship?  Got any family issues that make trusting others difficult?  Does that affect your social life, job, or home life?  Do you ever use work, studies, or accomplishments to bolster your self-image when, inside, you’re hiding from others?  Perhaps you’ll resonate with this film’s protagonist.  (Short op-ed)  Washington Examiner version.

WW II movie drama: Christian students hiding Jews from Nazis.  As the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Return to the Hiding Place dramatically portrays a forgotten story of dedicated Dutch students’ vital role in rescuing hundreds of Jews from Nazi persecution.  Driven by faith, love and conviction, they endured great hardship and risked their lives to protect the oppressed from Hitler’s terror.  (Short op-ed)

Human Trafficking Movie Grabs Hearts.  Annika, a delicate young girl, has been unwittingly handed into virtual slavery by her homeless father.  Sweatshop labor and sex-for-sale portend a bleak future, unless someone intervenes.  Caden, a spoiled, rich, 20-year-old Southern California student, determines to be that someone.  Their inspiring saga in the feature film Not Today might grab your heart, too.  (Short op-ed)

Who Said That?  “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”  “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  “Money is the root of all evil.”  “God helps those who help themselves.”  Who made these statements?  Learning who actually said them – and, in some cases, what they really said and meant – might surprise you.  (Short op-ed)

Jordan’s Bold Educational Experiment. Amid continuing Middle Eastern political and social unrest, a quiet revolution is taking place in Jordan that could help reshape the future of that nation and provide a model for the world. It is a revolution not of guns or violence, but of character and mind—and it was started by King Abdullah himself.(Short op-ed by Meg Korpi and Rusty Wright)

Hilarious High School Bloopers?  By Rusty Wright with Meg Korpi. “Worst analogies written by high school students” had me laughing till I ached.  Discovering their true source reminded me to practice what I preach.  (Short op-ed)

M.I.T. Dean’s Pants on Fire.  George Washington, call your agent.  America needs your “I cannot tell a lie” message. A popular dean has resigned after admitting resume padding and living a 28-year lie.  Any life lessons here?  (Short op-ed)

Cheating in school and life: What to do?  Too often, consumers shoplift, sneak and swipe and students cheat.  Thoughts on causes, implications and solutions. (Short op-ed article.)  (Short op-ed)

Our Cheatin’ Hearts.  From classroom to boardroom, from sports to shoplifting, people try to get something that’s not rightfully theirs.  What are the roots of dishonesty?  Why do people cheat?  How does cheating impact society?  Is there a solution?  (Probe radio series transcript.)

Virginia Tech Massacre: Coping with Grief.  As the world mourns Virginia Tech’s terrible massacre, I’ve found myself experiencing poignant memories of an earlier visit to that campus when students also struggled with recent death.  How do you cope with grief?  Where is God in such tragedy?  (Short op-ed)

Can Western-style education transform the Middle East?  King’s Academy, Jordan’s new prep school, emphasizes critical thinking over rote learning, teaching students not what to think but how to think.  Could it become a model to train a new generation of Middle Eastern leaders to shake hands with each other and the West?  (Short op-ed)

Could Church Involvement Improve Kid’s Grades?  Recent studies suggest it might play a part.  (Short op-ed)

I’m Not Ashamed movie: Columbine victim’s inspiring story. The 1999 Columbine High School massacre became etched in a nation’s collective consciousness.  Shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered twelve fellow students and one teacher.  Rachel Joy Scott was their first victim.  This new film tells her inspiring story.  (Short op-ed)