克服新冠病毒的恐惧. (“Managing Your Coronavirus Fears,” Chinese) 新冠病毒催生了大量的恐惧,每天看到全球感染和死亡人数猛增,人们都想知道:我会被感染吗?我的亲人会吗?它会杀死我们吗?我的经济情况可以支持吗?每天看到裁员和过山车金融市场的信息加剧了人们的担忧。您的恐惧能得到缓解吗?  English

圣诞节故事: 它还依然意味深长吗? (“Best of Enemies movie: Klan leader, black activist; race, religion, reconciliation;” Chinese)  當三K黨的領袖和黑人民權運動家,被指派一起開會解決地區學校整併問題,面對黑白種族隔離政策帶來的隔閡,將會有什麼情況發生?大吼大叫威脅恐嚇?暴力行為甚至謀殺?  What happens when you assign a Ku Klux Klan president and a Black civil rights activist – in the racially charged 1971 U.S. South – to collaborate on school desegregation?  Shouting?  Threats?  Violence?  Murder?  Fasten your seatbelts for a wild ride that few back then could have predicted.  (Short op-ed) English

常常笑、身體好  作者:賴世特,譯者:吳怡靜  (“Laugh a Little: It’s Good for Your Health,” Chinese)  Had a good laugh recently?  Need one?  Stressful days need comic relief.  Doctors realize that laughter can enhance physical and mental health.  Now it seems even looking forward to laughter can be good for you.   Simplified Chinese  English  Spanish  French

完全的爱: 揭开爱之谜 (“Dynamic Sex: Unlocking the Secret to Love,” Chinese) Still searching for the secret of love?  Missing the deep satisfaction you both want?  To enjoy love and sex to the fullest, consider the total person – physical, psychological and spiritual.  Simplified Chinese  English  Spanish  Greek  French

一無掛慮 (“Anxious for Nothing,” Chinese)  Why are we anxious, and what is the cure?  Four possible causes and a glimpse at a solution.   English   French   Chinese

取得生活平衡的妙方-活在多重角色裡  (“Striking a Balance: Managing Your Life in a Multitasking World,” Chinese)  Has overwork got your relationships or family life in a rut?  Do you have some month left over at the end of your money?  Does your time run out before your responsibilities do?  Is your life hitting on all cylinders?   Managing your life in a multitasking world.   Simplified Chinese  English

走出失望的陰影  作者:賴世特,譯者:吳怡靜  (“Dealing with Disappointment;” Chinese)  Is life not measuring up to your expectations?  We all experience disappointment: troubled relationships, poor job evaluations or test scores, death of a loved one, health or employment challenges, social snubs, athletic loss.  Practical ways to keep disappointment from defeating you.   English  Spanish  French

宽恕有益健康 (“Forgiveness can be Good for Your Health,” Chinese)   Practical benefits of forgiveness.  (Short op-ed)   English

維吉尼亞理工學院的校園血案:悲傷再思  (“Virginia Tech Massacre: Coping with Grief,” Chinese)  As the world mourns Virginia Tech’s terrible massacre, I’ve found myself experiencing poignant memories of an earlier visit to that campus when students also struggled with recent death.  How do you cope with grief?  Where is God in such tragedy?    English

《達芬奇密碼》:耶穌到底是何許人?   (The Da Vinci Code: Who is Jesus, really? Chinese)  Was he a mere mortal – as The Da Vinci Code claims or something more?  Consider the evidence on this controversial subject and decide for yourself.   作者:賴世特:譯者:陶鴻慶   Simplified Chinese  English  

圣诞节故事: 它还依然意味深长吗? (“The Christmas Story: Does it Still Matter?” Chinese)  Christmas often means time with family, hectic shopping, parties, cards and gifts. But what about the first Christmas?  Why is the original story – the baby in a manger, shepherds, wise men, angels – important, if at all?  The answer may surprise you.   English

主的复活:证据何在?  (“Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?” Chinese)  Where does the evidence lead?  (Parallel in Chinese and English, for English grammar study)  Spanish  Portuguese  French

Language-Learning Resources:

These resources were developed to help Chinese speakers learn English.  They’re posted on a Chinese website, but are useful for anyone desiring to learn English.  Each selection has an English text article(s) plus audio of the writer reading the same article(s) slowly.  Users can read, listen, practice, and learn!

(Tech tip for these online series: Right click on the mp3 link found just above the article text to open and play that audio file in a separate browser tab or window.  Then return to the original tab or window to read the text as you listen.)

Are You Listening? Do You Hear What I Hear?  Have you ever missed a great opportunity because you weren’t listening carefully?  Twenty centuries ago some clues to impending good news of monumental import eluded most folks. Fascinating prophecies of Jesus’ birth and life bring revealing insights into your own life today.  (Language-learning version: ten short transcripts plus mp3 audio.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to access the ten numbered links that have this title.  They are inside the box titled “您知道吗?  Do You Know?”.)

Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?  Where does the evidence lead?  (Language-learning version: four short transcripts plus mp3 audio.  Links to sections 1-4 are just below the “Do You Know” headline at the bottom of the English text.  Though the lettering in the short link descriptions is mostly Chinese, Roman numerals “I, II, III and IV” in the link descriptions denote the article section numbers.